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Even though nothing lasts forever, don’t you wish our appliances did? It may be enticing to just rush to the closest store and get a new one when your stove starts to quit on you to avoid struggling with the trouble of having to fix it, but should you? What if we tell you that you just need a stove repair service that will make your faulty appliance as good as a new one with a hassle-free approach?

Confusion between Stoves, Ovens, and Ranges

The before-mentioned kitchen appliances are very confusing because a stove is frequently referred to as an oven. A stove is a cooking device without an oven, an oven is a cooking chamber without external burners, and a range often combines both.


A stove is a kitchen tool that uses direct heat to cook food. Because some stoves are enclosed, many mistake them for ovens, but not all stoves can cook food; some merely generate heat.


A chamber used for heating, baking, grilling, and cooking food is called an oven. There are many different kinds of ovens, including wall ovens, industrial ovens, earth ovens, and residential ovens. Food is cooked in an oven using either gas or electricity. To manage the temperature at which certain items will cook, they contain a temperature control button. They have timers as well.


A range is a stove with an oven and a fuel source, which can be either electricity or gas. It resembles an oven and stove that are combined into one. It is a typical kitchen tool seen in many houses because it combines a stove and an oven, which is why most people choose it over purchasing each item separately.

Various Types of Stoves

The client has a few fundamental choices when it comes to stoves that are used for home heating. Now that you know the difference between stoves, ovens, and ranges; here are a few succinct explanations of the various heating stove kinds and how they work:

Wood Burning Stoves

This stove uses wood as its main fuel and is mostly used for heating purposes. Wood stoves are typically constructed entirely of metal, most frequently steel or cast iron. The burn chamber and the flue or chimney are the two primary parts of a wood stove.

Gas Heating Stoves

A gas stove functions similarly to a wood burner in the way it heats a home, but modern models are made to burn propane or natural gas rather than wood. The stove produces less pollution when it burns a gas, and they are typically simpler to operate than stoves that burn wood. Both direct-vent and vent-less variants of gas stoves are available.

Electric Heating Stoves

The electric stoves are essentially electric heaters that are made to resemble traditional heating stoves in appearance and feel. The primary distinction is that they burn electricity as opposed to gas or wood for fuel. Many of the available kinds are movable and able to use a regular home electrical outlet. In some versions, the heating feature may be turned off so that the user can simply enjoy the appearance of the flames inside the chamber without any heat.

Pellet Stoves

Instead of using gas or chopped wood, this type of heating stove burns compacted wood or other biomass material as pellets. The fuel pellets are placed by the user into a hopper, where they are poured into a burn chamber to generate heat. A pellet stove will require power to run since it uses a mechanical system to feed the pellets into the burn chamber.

Common Problems Requiring Stove Repair Services in UAE

Serious home cooks who like uniform temperature controls and rapid heat frequently prefer gas burners, however, gas stoves can occasionally experience several common issues that require you to call a stove repairing technician. Let’s have a look at a few of these problems:

Gas Odor

One of the most crucial reasons that require a stove repair service includes the smell of strong gas. Normally, when you fire a burner, you’ll notice a faint gas scent, but stronger odors call for some investigation. One of the burners may not be completely turned off if there is a detectable gas odor and the pilot flame is ignited or the electric igniter is plugged in. A gas leak in your stove, which is a potentially dangerous scenario, could also be indicated by a gas smell. Immediately call an expert technician as it could result in a massive fire.

Noisy Surface Burner Flame

Unusual sounds coming from your flame normally signify a problem with the gas flow; typically, either too much air or too much gas is reaching the burner. You may hear a loud hissing sound and see some yellow in your flames as a result of this circumstance. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you should leave this to a pro. Your gas stove may get dangerously out of gas or have too little gas.

Pilot Light Wearing Out

If your gas stove is more than ten years old, it probably has a pilot light and you can experience problems with the flame turning out. Drafts and debris are frequent reasons why pilot lights go out. Another possibility is that the stove is getting old and the pilot light needs to be replaced. In the latter, you need a stove repairing technician to assist you in troubleshooting your faulty stove.

Weak Burner Flame

Clogged burner flame apertures may be the cause of a burner flame that appears less magnificent than usual on top of the oven. Too little gas or air reaching the burner might also result in poor-quality flames. In both scenarios, an expert technician must be called upon to solve the stove repair issues.

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