Washing Machine Repair

Is your washing machine troubling you? Does it need maintenance service or a full repairing service? No need to worry, for you have come to the right place as we provide washing machine and other home appliances repair services all over Dubai, with our centers located in Abu Dhabi Mussafah.

Now that you know there is a safe and reliable place in Dubai to repair your washing machines, let’s have a detailed look at the benefits of the machine, its various types, and much more! +971 56 494 7562

What is a Washing Machine?

Many types of clothing can be washed in a washing machine without any physical exertion. You don’t need to squeeze or rub the clothing by hand to get the water out of them when you use a washing machine. Another name for the washing machine is the clothes washer or just the washer.

You may wash your clothing automatically in the washing machine without watching it in action. Place the clothing in the washing machine and choose the wash setting. The washing machine automatically adds the necessary amount of water and detergent. It also sets the timer for washing, rinsing, and drying based on the mode and the number of items being washed.

Things to Look For When You Buying a Washing Machine

Knowing your demands and the types of washing machines that best suit them is crucial when you are looking forward to buying one. You should be aware of the following when purchasing a washing machine:

  • Loading Capacity:

Your needs and financial constraints will determine the load capacity. Consider whether a fully automatic or semi-automatic machine is necessary. These two varieties have some fundamentally different characteristics and prices.

  • Wash Setting:

Many washers, particularly fully automatic washers, offer program settings for various washes, such as wool or delicate wash. Some of them also offer the ability to alter wash cycles. The spin cycle, indicated by the revolutions per minute (rpm), is significant depending on the fabric and style of clothing you want to wash. More durable goods can spin at 1000 rpm, whereas delicate items should only be spun at 300 to 500 rpm.

  • Size:

When buying a washing machine, the dimensions and placement of the machine are important factors. Front-load washing machines are shorter than top-load washing machines, which are narrower and higher. Therefore, if you have a little room, choose front loading; if you have a small space, like a hallway, choose top loading washing machines.

Benefits of Washing Machine

Unquestionably one of the essential home items you may purchase is a dependable washing machine by contacting us at +971 56 494 7562. There are a variety of washing machine features and advantages, as well as a variety of brands, such as LG washing machines, Samsung washing machines, etc. Let’s look at some of the advantages of a washing machine.

  • Time – Saver

Washing by hand takes much time, and our busy schedules make it extremely challenging. However, we can now save a tremendous amount of time thanks to washing machines. Thereby giving us the freedom to multitask or explore other projects. Moreover, we may work uninterrupted while our clothes are being washed in the machine and resume our tasks after the wash cycle is complete.

Easy to Operate and Repair

Automatic washers are simple to maintain, use, and fix. They are among the easiest and most practical home appliances to use. Many homeowners can perform repairs independently because they are among the easiest devices to work on. However, this is not an easy task in today’s technology-obsessed world, where it can be challenging to understand how to use and maintain new equipment.

Multiple Sizes and Style

There are numerous washing machine manufacturers and models from which to select, depending on your spending limit, your living, and the area of your home. Your machine may be tailored to what suits you the most. When selecting the ideal washer, keep the following things in mind:

  • Decide whatever model you desire, such as a Bosch washing machine, front-load, top-load, side-by-side, stackable, or stacked.
  • Think about the appropriate capacity for you
  • For your space, look for appliances that are the right size.

Types of Washing Machines

In most homes, washing machines are a huge deal since they make it simple to wash everyone’s clothes without having to make many trips to the laundry or dry cleaning. They are used frequently; therefore, it’s crucial to have one that can withstand frequent use and won’t malfunction. Following are the types of washing machines along with their pros and cons for your ease:

  • Top Load Agitator

Agitator top load washers are generally considered the ‘standard’ washer type. The middle rod or component, known as the agitator, is intended to agitate the clothes around and boost cleaning effectiveness. The power, however, comes at a price. Agitator-equipped top-load washers often have a lower carrying capacity. Because of the agitator’s motion, they require more water and are less kind on fabrics.

Nonetheless, top load washing machines typically cost less and have quicker wash cycles than other models. Top load washers with agitators generally function at varying levels, but they typically deliver cleaning outcomes that are simply acceptable rather than genuinely spectacular.

  • Top Load Impeller

A shallow impeller is used in top load machines without an agitator to move water next to the drum. Top-loading washers with impellers have additional storage space. Thereby, your clothing won’t be damaged by them. These highly efficient washers are the more up-to-date replacement for typical top load washers with agitators.

Many of their features are similar to front-loading washers, such as load sensors to detect the ideal water level and quick spin cycles to speed up drying and save energy while extracting more water. However, one of the cons of such machines is that a special high-efficiency detergent is needed for high-efficiency washers without agitators. Their wash cycles are often longer than those of typical top-loading washers.

  • Front Load

Front-loading washers are a fantastic substitute. Front-load washers depend on one item rubbing against another to wash the clothes rather than utilizing an agitator, making the cycle kinder to clothing. They only fill to the level of the door with very little water. Big things wash more effectively with a front loader, and since they spin so quickly, you can start the drying process earlier.

The fact that front-load washers and dryers may be stacked to maximize space in your laundry room is one of their key advantages over top-loading washers. Moreover, the most recent features are found in front load washers, and they typically produce superior cleaning results than other models.

Although they initially cost more than top-load washers, they have energy-saving features and water adjustment systems that allow them to consume less water over time than typical top-load machines, ultimately saving you money to call us on 056 494 7562.

Brands of Washing Machines:

Although there are numerous brands of washing machines, the most prominent ones that you will find in Abu Dhabi, Dubai is:

  • Samsung washing machine
  • LG washing machine
  • Panasonic washing machine

Problems with Washing Machines

It is really important to sustain your washing machine maintenance so that they can run for a longer period. However, it is very common to face issues with electronic equipment that may require you to call someone for assistance with your washing machine repair. A few of these common problems have been briefly listed below.

  1. Washer Door Jammed – Unlocking the washer door is one of the most typical washing machine issues. Notably, front-loading washing machines are the only ones with this problem, which doesn’t allow the machine to operate.
  2. Drainage Issues – One of the most typical washing machine issues is this one which usually arises due to the blockage of the drain pump or hoses by something small or a faulty washer.
  3. Washing machine keeps turning off – a defective motor, leak of water into the power channel, overheating of the motor while spinning, overloading of laundry are the main causes of this issue.

Washing Machine Repairing Services

Suppose you are facing similar issues as those mentioned above or any other ones. In that case, your machine needs maintenance, and you need to call a washing machine repairing technician immediately before any serious consequences are faced.

If you live in Dubai and are worried about whom to call +971 56 494 7562 for the repair of your machine, then worry not because luck is at your side as we offer washing Machine repairing services all over the country with our hubs at Abu Dhabi and Abu Dhabi Mussafah. So, what are you waiting for? We are just one phone call away!

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